SAS 9.4 to Dremio. Dremio ODBC driver install on Linux

  1. We have installed Dremio ODBC drivers set on Linux OS.
  2. [Dremio ODBC Driver 64-bit]
    Description=Dremio ODBC Driver(64-bit)
  3. created a custom DSN name [DremioSIT].
  4. Question: How to test the Dremio DSN name in Liunx. For example, For MS SQL, we use isql
  5. We are using SAS 9.4 Server version to connect to Dremio Server through SAS EG client tool and received the below mentioned error.


1 %_eg_hidenotesandsource;
5 %_eg_hidenotesandsource;
WARNING: Unsupported device ‘ACTIVEX’ for PDF(EGPDF) destination. Using device ‘ACTXIMG’.
49 options sastrace=’,ds’ sastraceloc=saslog nostsuffix;
50 libname dsit ODBC dsn=“DremioSIT” user=“1555920” password=XXXXXXXXXXXXXX;
ERROR: CLI error trying to establish connection: [unixODBC][Dremio][Connector] (1000) Unknown error occurred while trying to
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.
54 %_eg_hidenotesandsource;
68 %_eg_hidenotesandsource;

Please suggest

isql should work too for testing

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Hi @srikamal, could you try using isql to test connectivity to the DremioSIT instance?

in case anyone comes across this thread in the future, the DSN config in odbc.ini had brackets around hostname and port. removing these brackets allowed SAS to successfully connect to dremio


It would be great to add to the Dremio Docs some links or references that relate to setting up ODBC drivers on different platforms like Linux ODBC. We are working through similar issues with Tableau Server while working around Tableau having upgraded to Java 11.


Is your client JDK 11 and you are unable to connect to Dremio server on JDK 8?