Unable to Connect Dremio with AWS DocumentDB

I want to connect Tableau with AWS DocumentDB. So for that, I used Dremio to establish the connection and then select the ODBC connector as a data source in tableau.

I’m trying to connect Dremio with AWS DocumentDB. While configuring the Dremio connector under System DSN, I’m getting this error:

[Dremio][Connector] (1100) Unexpected response received from the server. Please ensure the server host and port specified for the connection are correct and confirm if SSL should be enabled for the connection.

I am using the same authentication in Robo 3T as well and I was able to establish the connection and access the database.

Please help in troubleshooting this error. As I want to future establish the connection in Tableau.

Dremio Error

Is there a way to set a custom property or a command line flag to reference the pem file that’s required for a DocumentDB connection? Robo 3T does support this.


If I understand this right, you are trying to connect Tableau via Dremio to AWS documentDB, are you connecting via a Mongo source? Can we try pass the parameter via the Mongo source advanced options?