Unable to create Dremio Source in Tableau

Can anyone explain about these fields? I am able to query the ES data from Dremio SQL editor but couldn’t connect to ES from Tableau web connector.

I tried in this way; but unable to connect. It’s giving handshaking error.
Direct to Server: 10.122.***.128
Authentication Type: Plain
User: apokhrel (dremio username)
Password: ********* (dremio password)

BTW, I tried with Elasticsearch server username/password also; nothing is helping.
It’s throwing this kind of error.
“The handshake failed. Server killed the connection”

I read this article also https://docs.dremio.com/client-applications/tableau.html

ES version : 5.4.0 and Dremio is community edition (1.3.11); I just knew about Dremio today and trying it.

I guess you also set port to 31010 (default) like in the screenshot?

If you check the server logs (server.log file), you should see lines starting with ‘ConnectionLog’ and details about the connection attempt. This might help you troubleshoot your connection issue.