Connecting Dremio to Power Bi Report Server

Hi !!

I connected my Dremio source in my PBI Desktop, with the ODBC connector and it worked jut fine. Then, I published it into my Report Server, installing the same ODBC connector in the server, but unfortunately I couldn’t access my data sources option in the interface (see image below).

I have seen two posts (1, 2) that discussed connecting Dremio to PBI Service through data gateway, but nothing specifically about Report Server. How could I manage PBIRS to actually see my Dremio ODBC connection? Is there anything that I’m missing about the two posts I mentioned?

Hi, solved here.

Actually, this workaround helped a lot. I had to change in the Power Query from a Dremio source to an ODBC source, configuring the dsn as suggested here.

Hi @adelsondias ,

Thanks for your feedback. For be sure, you said solved; because you was able to get the data in “Imported Mode” into PowerBI, as well as access the Data Source and Schedules properties in PowerBI report option when published, right ?

Not working with DirectQuery when published I guess ?

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That’s right for the first question. But to be honest, I haven’t tried to consume with DirectQuery, sorry.