Connector DSN Set Up

Hi, I am trying to setup an ODBC connector for Dremio on a windows 10 machine. But I am getting the error that the ‘target machine actively refused’. I am not sure why. In Connection Type, I have tried both the localhost and the IP address and they have both failed with the same error.
Should I be using the URL instead for this? Does anyone know what this error means, or what am I doing wrong? I am following the steps described here

Thanks for your help.

  1. Are you sure that there isn’t another application listening on port 31010?
  2. Is the odbc driver the last version (
  3. Is Dremio installed on your local machine (if not you must use the correct machine name, if local, or the full name if in other networks, i.e.

Hi Capppo,
Thank you for your reply.
I have revised point 3 from you suggestion and this has resolved the issue. As I did not have a local installation, entering the domain in place of Localhost solved this.
Thank you for you time.