How to attach 3rd party S3 storage to Arctic project

I’m trying to use Arctic with our on-prem S3 compatible storage.

I’m trying it with Dremio Cloud.

I’ve succeeded in creating an Arctic project and connecting it to an existing Sonar project following this guide:

But when I tried the same method with our on-prem storage, I got the following error.

Failure creating/updating this source [Arctic-source-name].

In this trial, I set this Connection Property: {Name: fs.s3a.endpoint, Value: }.

Did I miss something?

For Arctic Preview we only officially support AWS S3 as a store. That said, we may be able to get this to work. Can you provide details on your S3 compatible storage setup? Are you using MinIO?

Hi. Thank you for the reply.
I’m talking on this topic with Dremio team over a separate mail thread.
Let me update when the issue has been resolved.