Tableau SPLIT function support by Dremio ODBC driver

When updating some of our Tableau reports to use Dremio (via ODBC), we’ve noticed the tableau “SPLIT” function is not available when using Dremio as the source whereas it works with our other sources. See screenshot attached. Based on some research, it suggests that it might be a driver related issue.

Does Dremio ODBC driver support the tableau SPLIT function?

Hi @igreg

Dremio has a function, SPLIT_PART which I believe achieves the same results. See: for reference. If you try this in Tableau, does it produce the same error?

hi @ben

Yes, I’ve tried “SPLIT_PART” function as well however it produces the same error. The “SPLIT” function is a tableau specific function, however it is not available when dremio is selected as the source.

Unfortunately, it’s a gap in the ODBC specification: there’s actually no equivalent of Tableau SPLIT in the list of supported scalar functions, which means Dremio cannot advertises the function is supported. Tableau also does not provide an easy way to map a Tableau function to a Dremio function.


As @laurent described, when using the ODBC connection to Dremio, Tableau limits you to a certain set functions it knows will be supported. SPLIT (or the Dremio equivalent SPLIT_PART) are not in that set. You could try manipulating your dataset in Dremio first. This would give you a richer function set to work with.

Thanks @ben and @laurent . Our objective is to minimize the amount of changes in existing tableau reports as there are many. For new reports manipulating the dataset in dremio is a good alternative.