Unable to validate credentials in Power BI Web Service

Hi! I am unable to edit my credentials to my connection in Power BI Web Service. It throws out the following error:

Unable to update connection credentials.
Unable to connect to the data source. Either the data source is inaccessible, a connection timeout occurred, or the data source credentials are invalid. Please verify the data source configuration and contact a data source administrator to troubleshoot this issue.


Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation.

I am able to use the connection and credentials in Power BI Desktop but I cannot do a refresh in the Web Service. No gateway is being used.

Any idea how to resolve this? Thanks!

It seems Dremio endpoint is not accessible from PowerBI web service. You will have to use the gateway unless you are trying to connect to Dremio cloud.

Please check the instructions here: Publishing Reports | Dremio Documentation, Administering Connectivity | Dremio Documentation

Hi Manoj, thanks for the reply.

We are using the Power BI - Dremio Software connector and this was working perfectly fine just until a few days ago.

Are there any issues/updates which would have caused this?